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Ever Struggle to Master the Inner Side of Business and Relationships?

  Do you procrastinate?

  Is making big decisions difficult or too slow?

  Does fear or overwhelm cause disruption?

  Are you less productive than you prefer?

  Do challenges unsettle your focus or inner calm?

  Do you get stressed out?

  Is tension a problem in any relationships?

  Do you act out of character when emotionally triggered?

Our SRT System Works for...

Business-Minded People
  CEOs & Business Leaders
  Start-up Founders
  Small Business Owners
  Solopreneurs & Consultants
  Healing Professionals (Acupuncturists, Holistic Physicians, Holistic Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers)
  Counselors & Therapists
  High-performers in any other business field
Relationship-Minded People
  You're in a romantic relationship
  You're pursuing romance
  Family is significant to you
  Good friends are part of your life
  Having good co-worker relationships matters to you
  You’re building your social network
  You have other important relationships

If your life involves business and/or relationships, you need SRT.

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  SRT is the fastest and most effective method I have experienced. Through SRT training and consultation, I now feel very peaceful in a relationship that was based in conflict.  

Barbara from Virginia

Create a powerful
 inner state

Have moxie and a confident presence that other people can't miss.

get a system to be
your own coach

Be self-reliant in improving your mental and emotional game.

become a
 mindset master

Get a proven method to fully utilize your mindset under any circumstance.

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Watch how SRT has helped people like you dramatically improve their relationship and business life.

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What unique results can SRT offer you? 

SRT (Spiritual Response Technique) is innovative because allows you to stop guessing what's going on inside your mindset, and instead, clearly see what's happening and why. Plus it often only takes under 5 minutes to poinpoint the cause of your mindset issue, and you can do it yourself. Thousands of people have used this system to make advances in their business/career and relationships. How can you learn it? Take one of our workshops, or hire us to provide one at your company or group's location.

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What makes SRT so unique? 

SRT is a method that helps you get information from your intuition. If you've ever had a gut feeling about something, that's intuition. But what if you could also get detailed information from your intuition? That's what SRT can do.

So how does SRT work? The central concept behind SRT is that your intuition sends information to your subconscious mind, which can guide your hands to make subtle movements (aka Ideo-Motor Response). It's the same type of "guiding" that creates a gut feeling. To take advantage of this, SRT uses a pendulum alongside printed paper charts to translate these movements into information. The result is that you can ask your intuition specific questions and get detailed answers.

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  I recently took basic and advanced SRT from Shakti. Shakti is easy to understand and ensures that I really understood each concept before moving on to the next step. Not only have I experienced many personal gains, I have been able to help family and friends with their own growth and healing. I highly recommend any classes that Shakti teaches, you will not have any regrets!  

kristi k.
arizona, usa

  I highly recommend SRT classes and Shakti as the teacher from which to learn! Shakti taught my Basic SRT and Advanced SRT classes, which I’ll use on myself, family, friends, and clients. The qualities I most valued about her as a teacher is that Shakti is knowledgeable, patient, infinitely kind, calm, and has a passion for the material she teaches. I found her to be easy to learn from and felt very safe asking questions when I needed more explanation. A breakthough I had in the Basic class was trusting my heightened intuition when I was guided to clear negative programs off another person’s Akashic record. I didn’t even know what an Akashic record was at that time, but there I was clearing it – and that blew my mind! What an empowering experience SRT classes are, especially in the hands of a skilled, capable teacher!  

Karin M.
Denver, Colorado USA


What's Your Investment?

Are you procrastinating important things? How much productivity are you leaving on the table at work? How much is relationship drama affecting your personal and professional life? How bad do you want the best out of your business life? Do you feel like you're missing out on the fullest experience of your relationships? Not fully utilizing your Mindset may already be costing you a lot.

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You'll Also Get These Bonuses with the Workshops:

  The Textbook, Freedom Path by Robert Detzler, explaining the foundations of the SRT system. *For SRT Basic Workshops only.

  The Textbook, Soul Re-Creation by Robert Detzler, explaining the advanced components of the SRT system. *For SRT Advanced Workshops only.

 I wanted to thank you for a great class. Surprise, surprise the phone rang this morning about a job! It’s a VP of International Sales. Would be mostly Europe but how fun! 

J.B. from California

Online Workshop Dates & Registration

SRT Basic

live online workshop

September 18-19th & 25-26th, 2021

9am - 4pm PST, each day

*Includes a starter set of 9 SRT charts
*Includes the bonus basic-class textbook (extra fee for international post).

For VIP Private Classes, contact us.

SRT advanced

live online workshop

November 6-7th & 13-14th, 2021

9am - 3pm PST, each day

*Includes all advanced SRT charts 
*Includes the bonus advanced-class textbook (extra fee for international post).

For VIP Private Classes, contact us.