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Ever Struggle to Find the Core Issue Behind Clients' Inner Challenges?

  Does it ever take too long to find a client's issue?

  Have you ever failed to identify the underlying cause of a client's challenges?

  Do you ever feel frustrated when you can't find their issue?

  Do clients ever complain that you're "talking too much about the past"?

  Would you rather spend more time on transforming a clients' issues than digging around for the cause?

  Do you ever identify the wrong underlying issue, and then have to backtrack?

  Do your clients complain that things are going too slow and they're not making progress fast enough?

  Are you looking to offer mindset training and pendulum dowsing alongside your existing healing modality?

  Do you want to be a better, faster and more efficient "detective" when looking for the source of your client's challenge?

  Ever struggle to figure out why your clients won't take the actions you recommend?

Our SRT Mindset System Works for...

  Holistic Physicians
  Holistic Chiropractors
  Life Coaches
  Personal Trainers
  Reiki Practitioners
  Massage Therapists
  Other Therapeutic or Healing Professionals

If your practice involves working with your clients' mindset, you need SRT in your toolbox.

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  The class taught me to go beyond the obvious answers.  

J.B. from california


Identify the energy of the issue, when it started, and from whom your client picked up the issue.


Find your clients' issues fast and spend most of your time on healing.


Learn a proven system to research and clear subconscious beliefs, past lives, and more.

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Watch how this system has helped our clients dramatically improve their relationship and business life.

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What is SRT and what makes it unique? 

SRT (Spiritual Response Technique) is a method that helps you get information from intuition. If you've ever had a gut feeling about something, that's intuition. But what if you could also get detailed information from your intuition? That's what SRT can do.

So how does SRT work? The central concept behind SRT is that your intuition sends information to your subconscious mind, which can guide your hands to make subtle movements (aka Ideo-Motor Response). It's the same type of "guiding" that creates a gut feeling. To take advantage of this, SRT uses a pendulum alongside printed paper charts to translate these movements into information. The result is that you can ask your intuition specific questions and get detailed answers.

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How can the SRT system add to your services? 

SRT (Spiritual Response Technique) is innovative because allows you to stop guessing what's going on inside your clients' mindset, and instead, clearly see what's happening and why. Plus, pinpointing a client's core issue often takes under 5 minutes, so you can focus more time on helping your them heal/transform. This system has been used to help thousands of people make advances in their business/career and relationships. How can you add this tool to your practice? Take one of our workshops, or hire us to provide one at your company or group's location.

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What do you get from the Workshops?

In the two 3-day SRT Workshops (beginner and advanced), you will:

1. Learn a proven pendulum dowsing system that has been used by thousands of people worldwide. You will become completely proficient in using the system to help your clients and understand how it's the most powerful way to help your clients fully utilize their mindset.

2. Apply this system to your own life, including conquering fears, resolving tension, healing past conflict and issues, having moxie and a presence that others can't miss, dealing efficiently with challenges, calming triggers, and more. You must understand and be able to apply SRT to yourself before helping others.

3. Be able to do the following:
-Identify and remove what is holding back your clients from progress in relationships, health or business/career.
-Instantly access any of your clients' limiting mindsets and remove them quickly.
-Understand how mindsets will help your clients succeed.
-Discover what positive mindsets will uniquely serve your clients best.
-Clear past lives.
-Create a solid connection to your intuition.

5. You'll receive the following class materials.
-The textbooks
-All of the required dowsing charts.

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  Even though I have experienced SRT as a client, feeling the power of the work through my role as a practitioner was far beyond my expectations. Shakti is an amazing teacher who makes it easy and fun to learn this powerful and liberating skill. I'm already looking forward to taking the SRT Advanced Course. Shakti- YOU ROCK! I will recommend this course to many other people.  

drew freeman


What's Your Investment?

Do you want to add more value to your clients? How much time are you spending researching and resolving mindset issues that hold back your clients' progress & healing? Not having a system like SRT in your toolbox could be holding back your professional performance and already costing you a significant amount.

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per person

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You'll Also Get These Bonuses with the Workshops:

  The Textbook, Freedom Path by Robert Detzler, explaining the foundations of the SRT system. *For SRT Basic Workshops only.

  The Textbook, Soul Re-Creation by Robert Detzler, explaining the advanced components of the SRT system. *For SRT Advanced Workshops only.

  As a counselor that sees many clients each week, I have benefited so much from learning SRT to keep myself in a clear space in working with others. Clearing myself before and after clients daily has lifted so much. I no longer consciously or unconsciously carry my client issues home with me. I can actually feel the energy lifting from my body so I can breathe more easily and create more joy in such a clear space. I am more in touch with working with my guides and my intuition has ignited.

I also use SRT with my clients to get to the heart of their issues without them having to re-live old experiences so they can avoid creating identities from core issues that keep them trapped, as some psychotherapy models risk. The energy untangled can be transformed, while a new focus on healing energies can more easily release the grips of pain from the past and become a new focal point. This guidance allows my clients to create more effective and efficient action towards their goals and they feel better. Using SRT keeps me and my clients in alignment with source to help cultivate the lives that we each want to live.

I am so grateful for the SRT system, the ongoing courses offered to enrich my understanding that connects me with others practicing SRT as well as the ongoing supervision and guidance from Shakti that has been invaluable through many tough times in my life. Having the opportunity to continue with individual sessions after the course was completed is an added benefit.

Thank you so much Shakti, you are an awesome teacher and one of my favorite mentors. I appreciate you being available to help me and to my clients. I have learned and grown so much with you.  

angie burch
M.A. M.F.C.
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Workshop Dates & Registration

SRT Basic

live online workshop

September 18-19th & 25-26th, 2021

9am - 4pm PST, each day

*Includes a starter set of 9 SRT charts
*Includes the bonus basic-class textbook (extra fee for international post).

For VIP Private Classes, contact us.

SRT advanced

live online workshop

November 6-7th & 13-14th, 2021

9am - 3pm PST, each day

*Includes all advanced SRT charts 
*Includes the bonus advanced-class textbook (extra fee for international post).

For VIP Private Classes, contact us.