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Ever Struggle to Master
the Inner Side of Business Sales?

  Does fear or overwhelm cause disruption?

  Do challenges unsettle your focus or inner calm?

  Do you procrastinate?

  Do sales rejections make you less productive?

  Is making big decisions difficult or too slow?

  Do you get stressed out before or during pitches?

  Does inner tension disrupt your sales process?

  Do you act out of character when emotionally triggered?

  Have you ever held yourself back from taking action even when you know what you should do?

  Have you ever sabotaged your business projects unintentionally?

  Do you ever feel like an imposter (you're doing something that feels contradictory or not a fit with who you are)?

  Have you ever felt pressure to make decisions when you're not ready?

  Have you ever felt "deal enthusiasm" and made a less-than-great decision in the heat of the moment?

  Do you ever feel fear of rejection?

We Can Quickly Identify
the Mindsets That Cause These Challenges.

Our Business Mindset Coaching Works for...

  CEOs & Business Leaders
  Start-up Founders
  Small Business Owners
  Solopreneurs and Consultants
  Healing Professionals (Acupuncturists, Holistic Physicians, Holistic Chiropractors, Nutritionists, or Personal Trainers)
  Counselors and Therapists
   Entrepreneurs in any other market

If you're scaling up a business, you need to master your mindset.

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  On the sales results side, I closed a very large order within 4 days of my first meeting with Shakti. This alone gave me 10x ROI on my investment in this program. In terms of business performance, I am doing great. I feel lighter and happier. Calmer and less easy to be thrown off by things. Less stressed. Recently I had to step in and be the mediator and leader and it was very well received. I feel I walk differently. My business partner noticed that instead of escalating situations I now diffuse them. In my opinion I am standing stronger, am more balanced, and do not let myself be dragged into a tsunami. When I speak, I feel I speak from my center and have more trust. Thank you for the wonderful work you do!  

Carin Fortin.
co-founder, Blossom’s Biodynamic Herb Farm
Corralitos, california

  When I had my session with Shakti I felt confused, frustrated and stuck. My business had been at a standstill and I didn't know where to begin to generate money for my business. I was also paralyzed by feelings of depression and defeat. During my session with Shakti, she not only helped to remove energetic blocks around being creative and inspired by my business, but she had specific ideas about how I could get started generating energy to bring in business and money. After the session, I took her advice and ideas and put them into action. Literally, 2 days after my session with her, I had business beginning to flow in. Since then, I've had a steady increase in business! Thank you Shakti!!  

Carmen McIntyre, L.Ac.
founder, acupuncture by carmen
aptos, california

  Shakti’s Mindset Coaching was the best investment I made to grow my business. I was able to let go of limiting beliefs, ancestral habits, and the programming I absorbed in school and the first half of my career. As a result, I am able to use my natural gifts, own my power, and I have a fully booked calendar. My business now reflects my authentic self, not who I thought I had to be.  

Jenny Kellogg
Trauma-Informed Astrologer, Spiritual Coach
washington, DC

  I no longer consciously or unconsciously carry my client issues home with me. I can actually feel the energy lifting from my body so I can breathe more easily and create more joy in such a clear space. I am more in touch with working with my guides and my intuition has ignited. Thank you so much Shakti, you are an awesome teacher and one of my favorite mentors. I appreciate you being available to help me and to my clients. I have learned and grown so much with you.  

Angie Burch, M.A. M.F.C.
campbell, California

  I have experienced many modalities and am very discerning and particular about who I trust. Plus I muscle test who and what I need.  

Shakti has assisted me on my journey at various key periods of change in my life. Her gifts are many and beyond the supremely effective tools that she uses, she is highly intuitive, caring, steadfast and wise. She is supremely versatile and I feel how she connects with my Divine Self. After applying her advice in my practice I immediately noticed a huge shift in how I was working and my clients commented on what a great session they had! You could search far and wide and find many similar offerings elsewhere but I can attest that Shakti’s work goes as deep as you need; is full of all the integrity you would wish; and her support and guidance is that light which teaches you self-sufficiency. Outstanding and highly recommended.   

Vivienne Spanopoulos
Director at Viv Spanos Health Services, Yoga Teacher Trainer, and Bioenergetics Wellness Consultant


Communicate with authority and a powerful presence.

more focus

Quickly get more focus and clarity when taking forward action.


Source great ideas and leverage intuition for better decision making.

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What results can we bring you? 

Our approach is innovative because it allows you to skip guessing or spending months/years digging to find out how you can become a higher performing business person and what's happening in your business mindset. We get to the point right away so you can clearly see specifically what business mindset challenges exist (and the corresponding opportunities for improvement), how the current mindset challenges are negatively affecting your business performance and sales, where they originated, and how to make effective improvements. It's not unusual to find the most impactful mindset challenge, and it's root cause, in under 5 minutes.

With this information, you can make detailed business mindset improvements and apply them immediately to up-level your sales and business performance. How you can you get started? Begin with an Initial Consultation, on the phone or in-person. For groups, contact us about providing consultations at your business location.

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What makes our approach unique? 

We use a unique mindset research system called SRT, which helps us understand your current sales-relevant mindset in detail (and do it really fast, too). This detailed level of research opens up a window into understanding your business mindset, and puts the power of fine-tuning and leveraging it for sales growth at your fingertips.

So how does it work? It's all about getting information using intuition. If you've ever had a gut feeling about something, that's intuition. But what if you could get more than just a gut feeling? This system takes it to the next level. The central mechanism occurs when our coach's intuition sends information to their subconscious mind, which then guides their hands to make subtle movements (aka Ideo-motor Response). 

To make use of this process, our coach holds a pendulum in one hand alongside printed diagrams to interpret the hand movements into useful information. In practical terms this means our coach can ask detailed questions about the current state of your business mindset, and get detailed answers.

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What are Mindsets and why are they so important? 

Mindsets are collections of attitudes (positive or negative beliefs, recurring thinking patterns, or just ways of thinking about something or someone). Our mindsets translate into our behaviors as well as the way in which we react to situations and circumstances.

When mindsets are negative and unobserved, they can cause us to behave in ways that are less efficient or productive than intended. In some cases, they can cause self-sabotaging behavior that we can't even see in ourselves. This is because most mindsets are subconscious, meaning we can't see them directly, and so we're sometimes unaware of their effects.

This is important in business life because our behaviors as entrepreneurs directly translate into business results. If we're operating with negative mindsets that are creating unintended behaviors, this could translate into missed sales, opportunities, mistakes, or other negative outcomes.

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Barbara, Virginia

  [This] is the fastest and most effective method I have experienced.  


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