We Help You Fully Utilize Your Mindset To Up-Level Your Business Performance

We'll quickly and easily identify what's needed to take your business performance to the next level, and make improvements in areas you couldn't access before.
Make your mindset work for you, not against you.

How we work

We help you leverage the power of your mindset.

What do we mean by mindset?
Let's take a look at our working definition of mindset and attitude, based on the Oxford Dictionary:

Mindset \ ˈmīn(d)-ˌset \
The established set of conscious and subconscious attitudes held by someone.

Attitude \ ˈa-tə-ˌtüd \
A settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.

Mindset is powerful because it's reflected in our behaviors, and our behaviors directly affect business outcomes. The tricky part lies in the subconscious attitudes inside our mindset, since they tend to have a major influence on our behaviors yet remain hidden from view. If all attitudes within our mindset were conscious, it would be easy to manage its influence. However, that's often not the case. We're here to help you navigate this uncharted territory and fully tap into your human potential. Maximizing the power of your mindset can boost your business performance in significant ways, which can have a direct impact on business growth.

So how can we work to help you?
In our programs, we'll work directly with you to identify and fully utilize all of the components of your mindset (including the conscious and subconscious aspects), so that they can make a major positive impact on your performance. 

Our aim is to get you to the highest possible levels of business performance. If you have important business goals and big deals on the horizon, we can help you perform at an elite level and have the best chance of success.

Our background

Shakti Wilson is the Founder of The Mindset Company. She is a Mindset Expert, Speaker, Mentor, Teacher, and Mindset Ancestry Specialist.

Shakti has mentored Entrepreneurs to level-up millions in business deals through shifting Mindset. She has been a mentor for Entrepreneurs for 30 years, and is a Certified Teacher of SRT and Certified Consultant of SRT.

She went from a 7-year depression to become a Speaker & Entrepreneur after shifting her Mindset. Mindset work transformed her life from one of isolation to purpose.

Shakti is the creator of the Mindset Ancestry System.

Shakti Wilson
Founder, The Mindset Company

 Shakti is able to quickly get to the core of what underlies the source of your problems with such clarity. I recommend her anytime, any place. 

Lisa from California