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A Self-Generated Mindset is the Key to High Performance in Business

Mindset is a significant part of what separates the highest-performing business people from the rest. However, if it were as simple as saying that, everybody would do it. So, how do you get the right Mindset? The key lies in having a Self-Generated Mindset. 

The Big Problem: 
The reason Mindset is what separates the best from the best is that for most people, mindsets are a huge roadblock to high performance. Negative business mindsets create behavior patterns that sabotage performance, preventing people from living up to their highest potential. However, the highest performers are able to remove these problematic mindsets and create a mental environment that boosts instead of hinders performance. By recognizing that most negative mindsets were simply inherited from their parents or other ancestors, and that they are able to change and replace them, they can say "these negative mindsets and low-performing behaviors stop with me."

Having a Self-Generated Mindset means that you control which Mindsets operate in you. Someone with this type of Mindset can choose which negative Mindset patterns to remove, and which positive ones to keep. Most people are born with negative and positive Mindsets that have been passed down from ancestors, but many aren't aware that they exist and are active in their subconscious brain.

This means they aren't operating with a Self-Generated Mindset. For business people, this means they are not in charge of the Mindsets that underlie and affect their business performance. They are in the dark. Their ancestor's Mindsets are running the show, not their own Mindsets.

Whose mindsets are running your business? Are you in the dark about your Mindsets? 
You were likely born with many Mindsets that are significantly affecting your business performance and therefore your business' bottom line. Some of them can help you and some can sabotage you. Most people are unaware of these powerful mindsets, both positive and negative – sitting hidden in the subconscious brain. If you'd like to be aware of and in-charge of which Mindsets are impacting your business, Mindset Ancestry can help.

Would you like to know what negative Mindsets you've inherited?
Once you know these Mindsets, you can shift them so that they no longer sabotage your performance.

Would you like to know what positive Mindsets you've inherited?
Once you know these Mindsets, you can embrace them and use them to enhance your performance.

Would you like to know exactly how your inherited Mindsets are affecting your business performance?
These Mindsets could be significantly impacting your leadership, relationship development, sales, presenting/speaking, ideation, decision making, and more.

Would you like to know exactly what you can do right now to take control of your Mindset and clear the path to becoming a higher-performer?
With Mindset Ancestry you'll become more aware of your inherited Mindsets and be able to identify them when they arise. You'll also learn what you can do to shift the negative Mindsets and boost the positive ones. This way you have more control over how these Mindsets affect your performance.

If you want to be a High Performer and operate from a Self-Generated Mindset instead of an Inherited Mindset, our Mindset Ancestry Analysis can get you started.

Get a Mindset Ancestry Analysis and 1-on-1 meeting with Shakti Wilson to chart 3 generations of Ancestral Mindsets from your Mother's and Father's side. Learn exactly how these inherited Mindsets are affecting your performance and what you can do to level-up.

  On the sales results side, I closed a very large order within 4 days of my first meeting with Shakti. This alone gave me 10x ROI on my investment in this program. In terms of business performance, I am doing great. I feel lighter and happier. Calmer and less easy to be thrown off by things. Less stressed. Recently I had to step in and be the mediator and leader and it was very well received.

I feel I walk differently. My business partner noticed that instead of escalating situations I now diffuse them. In my opinion I am standing stronger, am more balanced, and do not let myself be dragged into a tsunami. When I speak, I feel I speak from my center and have more trust.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do!  

Carin Fortin.
co-founder, Blossom’s Biodynamic Herb Farm
Corralitos, california

  Within 3 days of starting, I saw these results:

First I was successful in shifting my work culture, which was previously a very difficult task. It quickly moved towards more openness and flexibility regarding new ideas for the direction of the company.

Second, this work helped my son. His mindset clearly shifted, and one day at school he stood up for himself for the first time in his life! I was very proud.  


  I am an entrepreneur and kept running into blocks within my progress and wanted guidance to help me to moved forward and truly build the companies of my dreams that I know I can do.

I had my first Mindset Ancestry appointment with Shakti in December of 2019. It was a fascinating to visualize the mindset patterns that I was carrying from my family lineage. Some I understood and some I had no clue and was thankful to bring awareness through this work.

Well, flash forward to April 2021, Shakti redid my ancestry chart and it was incredible to see the difference. No patterns remained, new ones of course came up, but it was absolutely incredible to see the progression and results.

So thankful for Shakti’s support, help and guidance to continue to move forward and heal what does not serve me. Thank you, and highly recommend. Shakti is incredibly skilled at what she does.  

Tiff W.

CASE STUDY: Blossoms Farm
Blossoms Farms in Corralitos CA grows and processes around 100 varieties of medicinal herbs which are formulated into beauty and health care products. Carin Fortin is the Co-Founder of Blossom Farms, along with Delmar McComb.

Blossoms Farm approached The Mindset Company with the aim of increasing revenue for Blossoms Farms via boosting Carin's overall business and sales performance.

We worked with Carin 1-on-1 to shift inherited mindsets from her lineage, as well as sales-related issues in the lineage.

Within 6 days, Carin closed a 5-figure deal for Blossoms Farm. This gave Blossoms Farm a 10x ROI on their investment with The Mindset Company, and it happened after only one session with Carin.

What will you get?

  A Personalized Mindset Ancestry Chart 
- Get an analysis of the most significant negative and positive Mindsets you received at birth going back 3 generations (parents, grandparents and great grandparents). This includes both sides of your family (paternal and maternal).
- You'll learn which ancestor passed down each Mindset.
- You'll learn how active each Mindset is on a scale of 1-100%.
- Your Mindset Ancestry chart will resemble a family tree.

  1-on-1 Mindset Ancestry Call with Shakti Wilson (1 hour) 
You'll chat directly with Shakti to:
- Learn exactly how your inherited Mindsets are negatively and positively impacting your business performance. This could include leadership, relationships, sales, presenting/speaking, ideation, decision making, etc.
- Discuss specific examples of how these Mindsets have negatively and positively impacted your business performance in the past.
- Ask any questions to get clarification.
- Learn what you can do to shift these negative Mindsets to support higher performance (AKA which Mindsets "stop with you").
- Learn what you can do to boost these positive Mindsets to support higher performance (AKA which Mindsets "continue with you").


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